This is only preview of unfinished project.The car may looked little different when it done to optimise for gta world.

When i import this car from .meb file,some of the uv channel is missing.So,its took me few days to complete mapping entire paintjobs.this got to be one of the most difficult conversions i've ever make.
The hq interior isn't particular match with body shape and the low quality interior not have top roof on which is required by the door top.Create from scrath will take a lot of time.In this situations i have to
recreated some of the interior parts by myself.

What will features?
HQ body & interior
Gullwing door style
2 HD Liveries/Paintjobs

Original model: NFS Shift 2 Unleashed
Progress: 70% complete
Expected fineshed: 28 to 30 may 2012

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