Just Finished cut the doors and separate unwanted object.Due to limited of time,i have make this slowly.
Progress: 100%
You can comment here if you like it or have some suggestion.
In this model i have plans to make 2 different bodykits or possible 2 car road & racing versions.There are 16 available paintjobs for the mods.i will keep you updates for mods progress.So stay tune for models release.

Original Model: Shift 2 Unleashed
Start Date: 15.01.2012
Expected Finished: 31.01.2012
Progress: 1%
Thank for visited my site! i'm started to design 3d models at the ages of 14 years old(2004).Between 2005-2010 i have becomes part of modding team in several sites likes nfscars,nfsunlimited,and nfsaddon with iconic 'Nfsu360' codename.All of them for need for speed at the time.After release my first Gta SA mod(skyline GTR) in 2010,i deside to change my style and start to release more models for GtaSa,since more its have more downloader than NFS mods.Most of them is RIP from my own NFS mods and converted them to GTA.I wanted to reach 100 GTA mods mark before i'm retire and sell some of my private models.Sorry for my bad english.